Quiet Book

Last summer, my two-year-old started taking more interest in the quiet book my sister-in-law made for him. It only had three pages, but it was made to be expandable, so I decided to make him some new pages for Christmas. I went to Pinterest for inspiration, and let me tell you, once I saw all the cute ideas out there, it was hard to stop myself from making everything! I ended up with six new pages, two of which are two-page spreads.

First up, a tooth-brushing hippo:


Then my son’s favorite, the dump truck:

Within moments, the ribbons were all torn loose, so unless you have a very gentle child, I recommend going without.

Then we have one of my personal favorites, and also one of the most fiddly to make, the socks in the dryer:


The socks all have magnets sewn inside, so the pairs can be matched up.

Then a sandcastle:

The pieces can be arranged however he wants, and stored in the bucket.

Next, another very fiddly page, the counting jellyfish:


I made sure the knots were extra tight and the cords sewn in extra well to make sure no beads were going to come loose for my new baby to eat!

Last, a nest of ducklings that hatch from their eggs to go swim in the pond:


This was my most original design, made as a cross between these chicks and this duck pond.

I had a lot of fun making these pages; we’ll see how long it takes for my son to spend as long playing with it as I did making it!



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