Roots and Branches

I’m woefully out of date documenting my projects, so I’m going to spend the next couple weeks trying to catch up. This first one was a joint project with my mom in the first three weeks after my son was born last summer. It was a gift for her brother, who recently became partially paralyzed and is confined to a wheelchair. My mom did most of the design and piecing, while I served as advisor and instructor (since she has sewed before but not quilted), and at the end I did the quilting and binding.

The tree is appliqué, copied freehand from Pinterest. I marked all the circles and quilted with FMQ, rather than with a walking foot like I did previously on my dragonfly quilt. I made myself a little tool to keep an even offset for the circles, which worked very well. (Tape some cardboard to the pen and trace the previous line with it, marking with the pen at an offset.)


The finished quilt was very wavy, so I put pockets in all four corners and inserted a piece of cardboard to keep it as flat as possible on the wall.

My mom hand sewed the charms on at the end. I thought it came out well, particularly considering our time constraints (we had to finish before my mom went back home!), and it was well received by my uncle.



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