Quilter’s Cutting/Ironing Table 

After months of being frustrated with a regular skinny ironing board and cutting fabric wherever I could clear the space (often on the floor), I finally got the cutting and ironing table I’ve been wanting.

The Ikea cutting table

The cutting table is straight from Ikea, about 24″ x 40″, with the adjustable legs so it’s tall enough to stand and cut comfortably. I’ve seen lots of people online making theirs out of shelves, which would be great, but I needed the table to be portable since it’s sitting right in front of our other storage shelves.

The removable ironing table top is the cool part. My husband used a piece of plywood about 48″ x 30″, and screwed smaller pieces to the bottom so there’s just enough room between them for the table top to fit snugly.

Bottom of the ironing table

Then I stapled layers of insul-bright, batting, and duck fabric to the plywood per this tutorial, and voilà! An ironing surface big enough to lay nearly a yard of fabric out, full width.

Finished Ironing Table

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