Cathedral Window Wall Quilt 

I’m not sure if this cathedral window wall hanging actually counts as a quilt, since it has no batting, but I’m going to go ahead and call it one. I’d been seeing cathedral windows in my Pinterest stream for a while, and thought I’d like to make one if only they didn’t have to be done by hand. Then I saw these pillows and knew I had to make some (still on my list), but I used those tutorials to machine-sew this hanging. This pin inspired me to change up the pattern a bit.

Here’s the finished quilt:

The window panes are white kona cotton, and the windows are made from part of a charm pack of The Morris Jewels by Moda.

There are a couple places where it doesn’t lay totally flat, especially up at the top where I was just getting the hang of it, but overall it went remarkably well, especially since I was improvising the orange peels between the windows. I started out sewing one edge at a time, but quickly grew comfortable enough to pin and sew an entire row at a time.

One lesson learned for next time is not to let the corners of my posterboard template get too worn. I ended up with a lot of less-than-sharp corners, which made it hard sometimes to get the finished windows to look right. (Though looking at the pictures now rather than scrutinizing it up close, almost all the imperfections disappear. I love it when quilts are forgiving like that!)


4 thoughts on “Cathedral Window Wall Quilt 

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  2. Rosalie Knoll

    Absolutely stunning!! I have been wanting to do a Cathedral Window wall quilt and already have a place for it but have been intimidated by the hand sewing. I would very much like to get the tutorial for the machine quilting version. You have done a superb job and any imperfections are truly not noticeable. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art work!!


  3. Jackson Watkins

    I have been making quilts for a few years now, and consider myself a “Traditional Quilter”. (Thanks Grandma!) Although I have been at it for a while, I have never tried my hand at a Cathedral Window’s Quilt, but have always admired them. Your Cathedral Window Wall Quilt is a stunning piece of work and you should be very pleased, and proud of yourself. You have given me the inspiration to start planning my very own. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. I to have made the Catherdal quilt by machine but can’t seem to get my points to meet.I have tried and sometimes they match and other times I think they do till I sew them together and find out they are off. I enjoy making but I make different way then you.I have many quilts but at my age now I just stopped makeing them,but wanted to tackle the catherdal just for fun and figured it out.I have purchased 2 in Lancaster Pa. they are done buy hand .It’s fun just to challenge yourself.Thanks DorisSchaffer


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