Easter Morning: A French Braid Wall Quilt 

This is my most ambitious quilt to date (finished quilt, anyway). It’s the biggest by far since I rebooted this hobby, and the first to get all-over free motion quilting. Here it is in its full glory:

I can’t take credit for the design; as usual, I fell in love with a picture on Pinterest, and this time I copied it as closely as possible (though I did change the size a bit). It now occupies the entire wall from floor to 9-foot ceiling on our basement stair landing, where I see it every time I go down to quilt.

This quilt marked my first time using a spray baste, and I doubt I’ll ever do it any other way now unless I need to use polyester batting for some reason. So much quicker than all those pins, and no shifting of layers no matter how I manipulated the quilt around my little machine.

Quilting this baby took almost a month, mostly because of all the starts and stops. I almost wish I had chosen a more all-over pattern, but with the individual Celtic knots for each stripe and diamond, I was able to use 9 different thread colors. I thought it would be a good idea to minimize the contrast while I’m still new at free motion quilting. It made for an interesting quilt back hiding against the wall.

Quilt Back

I’m still using quilting paper; a little tedious to get it all torn away, but easier than marking everything on the quilt top. I also really like how the contrast lets me see the whole quilting design so well, and it’s easy to see where I’ve already quilted.

Nothing else new on this quilt – except, perhaps, the use of a yardstick to hang it, since it’s so much heavier than the little wall quilts I’ve made so far!


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