Little Ark Baby Quilt

This weekend I was honored to be godmother for my newest nephew, so of course I marked the occasion by making my very first baby quilt.

Oliver’s quilt, staged in my baby-to-be’s nursery

I quilted the gentle curves with my walking foot, but the border hearts are my very first free motion quilting.

I’m not at the point where I can do it freehand yet, but I found that quilting paper worked very well for me. (The curves were marked with a fabric pen.)

I used this method to make a label for the quilt.

I’ve never had the courage to wash one of my quilts before, but with a baby quilt you really have no choice (plus, I had marking pen all over the front). I’m happy to say that it came out just fine. Wrinkly, of course, the way all cotton quilts get, but the marking pen didn’t run, the appliqué letters didn’t fray, and it didn’t entirely shrivel up after going through the dryer on low. 

I call that a success. 😊

11 more weeks until my baby’s due; I’m beginning to suspect my list of projects is longer than my remaining time. I wouldn’t mind so much, except many of them are gifts meant for this summer or Christmas, and who knows when I’ll have time to finish them once there are two kids in the house. I’m estimating another month to finish the quilting on my current project; I chose a particularly time-intensive design (by accident) for my first quilt done entirely in free motion quilting. You’ll see it here when I’m done!


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