A Return to Quilting 

It’s been awhile since I last made a quilt, but in the last month, the bug bit me. Hard. My first project was a mini-quilt with a hot air balloon appliqué to hang on the wall of my toddler’s new bedroom.


This marked a lot of firsts for me: it’s by far the smallest and quickest quilt I’ve ever made (unless you count coasters, which I don’t), but also the first time I’ve done appliqué, the first time I’ve done actual quilting instead of just tying it at intervals, and the first time I’ve done a machine binding. Oh, and the nifty little pockets on the back:

The idea for the balloon design came from a picture of a similar quilt pinned from etsy for a pattern (no longer available). My instructions for appliqué came from thecraftyquilter.com, among other sites. I followed this tutorial for the lovely flanged binding, and made the pockets on the back based on this article.

I love the internet.

Altogether, it took about 3 1/2 weeks, including waiting for the fabric to arrive. In that time, I have also planned and/or started 6 other quilts (I told you the bug bit hard!). We’ll see how many I can finish before Baby #2 arrives in June and makes me take another break.


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